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The Ultra Wash UL30 Instant Oversink Water Heater

These small Instantaneous electric instant hot water heater hand wash units offer a low cost option and installation is simple and requires no specialist accessories. The Ultra wash 3Kw electric instantaneous hand wash instant hot water heater retains the ease of installation of traditional over sink equivalents but has the additional benefits of being small and compact giving less visual impact and includes a spray head spout.

Instant Hot Water Heater 3kw

An important thing to remember and explain to the end user is that Its normal for the hyco instantaneous instant hot water heater 3kw UL30E vented hot water spout to drip slightly during the heating cycle this is not a leaking faulty unit but is caused by the water expanding as it heats up within the water heater and it is designed to drip to protect the unit from damage.instant hot water heater

Important: Tightening the water flow control valve to stop this dripping will result in damage to the instant hot water heater unit. It is also important to remember that these units cannot be used with traditional taps and are for single sink use only.

Instant Hot Water Heater and their benefits

  • No standing heat loss
  • Cheap to purchase
  • Hyco instantaneous water heater 3kw ideal for hand wash basins only
  • Complies with hand hygiene at work requirements
  • Small instant hot water heater units are easy to install
  • Mains power operated
  • 12 months manufacturer’s warranty (subject to conditions)
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