Hyco Speedflow Unvented Electric Hot Water Heaters SF10 And SF15

The competitively priced hyco speedflow water heater range of electric under sink or wall mounted electric hot water heaters are ideal for installations that require a low cost water heaters using the SF speedflow range of electric hot water heaters will reduce standing heat loss in long pipe runs and with the benefit of being able to be used with existing regular taps they are a perfect choice for installers.

Locations that would benefit from the Hyco Speedflow Unvented Electric Water Heater would be areas such as; workshops, cafes, small office kitchens, utility rooms, out buildings and extensions.

In most installations one hyco speedflow unvented electric water heater fitted near the sink or draw off point is sufficient to supply hot water for hand washing and light dish washing duties.

Hyco Speedflow Water Heater hyco speedflow water heater

The Hyco Speedflow water heater can be installed within a standard kitchen base unit undersink or wall mounted, the speedflow electric water heater SF10 and the hyco speedflow water heater SF15 are the option of choice for small commercial and domestic applications since they offer high performance, multiple sink capability and are able to be used with conventional taps.

It is important to remember that the correct accessories must be installed with the Hyco Speedflow Water Heater SF10 and SF15 units to maintain the manufacturers warranty and for the correct functioning of the Speedflow electric hot water heater.

Recommended hyco speedflow water heater accessories include expansion vessels and pressure reducing valves which are available from most plumbers merchants or can be purchased direct from our distributors online site.

Hyco Speedflow Water Heater SF Features:

  • Mains pressure (unvented) unit – choice of 10 or 15 litre capacities Speedflow SF15
  • 2Kw heating element as standard
  • Temperature E setting (Eco) Speedflow SF10
  • External temperature control and neon element on indicator
  • IPX4 rated hyco speedflow water heater
  • Manually re-settable thermal cut out
  • Porcelain enamel-lined vessel with magnesium anode
  • Wall mounted or floor standing and can be installed in a standard base unit
  • Pressure relief valve included – must be used in every installation
  • Maximum working temperature 75 degrees centigrade
  • Pre wired unit with (1.5m) of cable
  • Hyco speedflow water heater SF10 dimensions mm: 410 x 310 x 280 ( SF10 suitable for 1 – 2 basins)
  • Hyco speedflow water heater SF15 dimensions mm: 530 x 310 x 280 (SF15 suitable for 2 -3 basins)

Hyco Speedflow Water Heater Installation

It is recommended that flexible hoses are used to connect the hyco speedflow water heater to make any future maintenance easier. Access to the thermal cut out and element of the hyco speedflow water heater is located underneath the Hyco Speedflow Water Heater unit.