Hyco Inline Instantaneous Hot Water Heater 6 kW

The hyco electric water heater inline 6 kw is a compact multipoint mains pressure instantaneous electric hot water heater which is ideal for under sink mounting or where space is limited such as under sinks and small office kitchens.

With Its small compact size this makes these instantaneous water heaters perfect for; out buildings, workshops, office kitchens, extensions and other locations that require remote hot water without the need for long complicated pipe runs from your main boiler.

Hyco Electric Water Heater Inline 6kW Instantaneous Water Heaters

These hyco electric water heater inline 6 kW instantaneous water heaters can supply more than one outlet, but it is important to remember that performance will drop if more than one outlet is used simultaneously. This type of water heating unit is especially suitable for use via spray head type taps and this type of tap is highly recommended to maximize performance. hyco electric water heater inline 6 kw

Hyco Electric Water Heater Inline 6kw Instantaneous Water Heaters Key Benefits

  • 12 months manufacturer’s warranty
  • Small compact water heating unit
  • Reduces standing heat loss in pipe runs
  • 6Kw
  • Can be used with regular taps but spray head type recommended
  • Hyco electric water heater inline 6 kw. Next working day delivery available

Hyco Electric Water Heater Inline 6 kw Water Heaters Installation

Our inline hyco instantaneous water heaters are supplied with a pressure relief valve which must be fitted in every installation of these water heaters, the hyco electric water heater inline 6kw unit also incorporates a safety thermal cut out and requires just 0.4 bar (approximately 6 psi) to operate. It is not recommended for installing in roof voids or outside buildings that do not have appropriate insulation.

Installing the hyco electric water heater inline 6 kw should be carried out by a competent plumber / electrician in accordance with local regulations and the manufacturer’s installation instructions.

Ordering Inline Electric Instant Water Heaters From Rentex
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Ordering your hyco electric water heater inline 6kW is simple, you can purchase these units by calling Rentex on 01924 253533 Monday to Friday 9am – 4.30pm and make your payment by credit card or debit card over the phone or by purchasing via PayPal. A VAT receipt will be enclosed with your purchase or will be sent via email.

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