Compatible Hyco Electric Hot Water Heater Spare Parts

As distributors of hyco electric water heater accessories we can dispatch most orders on a next working day basis, our products are supplied direct from the manufacturer and are covered by the manufacturers warranty.

If you already have a hyco electric water heater and require additional parts or replacements we supply items such as, hyco vented mixer taps, expansion vessels, pressure reducing valves along with Flexible Hoses for the hyco handyflow water heaters.

Hyco Electric Water Heater Accessories hyco electric water heater accessories

For further details on some of our hyco electric water heater accessories please use the product links provided.

  • Vented mixer taps Code HDFTAP
  • Flexible Replacement Hoses A B or C Code HFFLEX
  • Expansion vessel & check valve Code SF3
  • Handyflow thermostat control knob Code HDIALQ

Hyco Electric Water Heater Accessories Specifications

We aim to ensure that all of our hyco electric water heater accessories information on this site is accurate. However some manufacturers specification may change at any time and we always advise on reading the products full description prior to purchasing hyco electric water heater accessories.

Purchasing hyco electric water heater accessories is simple and this can be done by using the links on the product pages, simply over over the highlighted buy it now button and this will navigate you to an approved distributor of hyco electric water heater accessories.

We supply spare parts for the following hyco water heating products, Handyflow oversink water heater, Hyco handyflow undersink vented water heater HF05VC, Speedflow SF10 and the Speedflow SF15. We also supply expansion kits, bluefish boiling water taps and filters.

Hyco Electric Water Heater Accessories Periodical Replacement

It is important to replace certain hyco electric water heater accessories periodically such as the bluefish under sink boiling water tap filter cartridge to help maintain water quality.

Water Heater Accessories

When installing electric water heaters it is important to fully utilise the correct hyco electric water heater accessories. As every water heater installation is different, accessory packs are used to ensure that your water heater is installed correctly and safely.

In some installations, expansion in a cold water main is restricted via a stop valve, check valve or water meter therefore we at hyco water heaters recommend that an accessory pack including an expansion vessel should be fitted.

It is also essential that you are aware of your maximum incoming water pressure prior to installation and if necessary install a pressure reducing valve.