Hyco Instant water heater Aquila 9.6Kw

Thinking of purchasing a Hyco instantaneous water heater. The Hyco Aquila instant water heater are instantaneous water heaters that are very energy efficient since they only consume energy when they are used and so have no standing losses.

The Hyco Aquila instant water heater IN96T is a mains pressure multipoint instantaneous water heater with electronic temperature control, designed for hand washing at one or two basins, dish washing at a single sink and can also be used for a single shower.

Hyco Aquila Instant Water Heater Features and Benefits

The Hyco Aquila instant water heater features some leading applications within its small compact design. Hyco Aquila instant water heater

  • 9.6kW rating
  • Highly energy efficient / Hyco Aquila instant water heater – no standing heat losses
  • Bare wire heating system gives fast heat up time
  • External electronic temperature control accurate to the nearest degree
  • Energy saving – only uses the power required to deliver the chosen temperature
  • Slimline design
  • Heats the water instantly as it flows through the unit
  • Heating power adjusted electronically to compensate for temperature, flow rate and water pressure variations
  • Digital temperature display
  • Temperature factory set at 38°C and can be adjusted by the user between 30°C and 60°C
  • One programmable memory setting
  • After power off/on the unit will recall the last usage outlet temperature
  • Water supplied to one or two outlets depending on application
  • Hyco Aquila instant water heater units are easy to install

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Hyco Aquila Instant Water Heater Technical Specification

Hyco Aquila instant water heater temperature electronically controlled to maintain user selected temperature between 30°C and 60°C this temperature stabilised unit maintains consistent outlet temperature as inlet water pressure and temperature vary.

  • Hyco Aquila instant water heater power rating 9.6kW @ 230V
  • Outer Casing – Easy clean, ivory white, durable ABS casing
  • Heating Element – Bare-wire heating system (2 nickel chrome heating elements) for fast response
  • Temperature display °C with actual flow rate l/min display below with heating power % (7 bars each bar shows 1/7 heating power)
  • M Memory – save current selected temperatureHyco Aquila instant water heater
  • Touch screen arrow keys allow the user to set the required temperature.
  • Touch screen power on/off control
  • Outlet temperature is factory pre-set at 38°C
  • The temperature display will flash if the set temperature cannot be reached.
  • Flow Dial increase/ decrease maximum water flow rate
  • Safety overheat temperature protection 75°C (manual reset).
  • The Hyco Aquila Instant Water Heater IP Rating: IPX4
  • Weight: Net weight 2.02KG (empty)

Hyco Aquila Instant Water Heater Installation

This Hyco Aquila instant water heater appliance must be installed in a frost free Hyco aquila instant water heaterenvironment. The hyco Aquila instant water heater should be located as close as practical to the hot water outlet in order to avoid unnecessary heat losses through the pipework.

Hyco Aquila instant water heater dimensions

This compact Hyco Aquila instant water heater can be installed in a variety of locations due to its compact design.

Height x  Width x Depth 380 x 230 x 70mm

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